Land Rover Defender 

Our main business is the full restoration of Land Rover Defender's. It is what we are known for and what we do exceptionally well. There is not a nut or bolt that has untouched by us on these vehicles. In short, we are the Mid-Atlantics only specialized Land Rover Defender Restoration shop that does everything in-house.


Our high quality refurbishments are class leading. We run the Defender through our specialist inspection (indepth check of the vehicles mechanical and electrical systems. We fix and/or treat any terminal rust. For paint we have a selection of the standard Land Rover colors available for choosing and we do basic body work.

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Our restored vehicle are without compare. We start a fresh with a galvanized chassis and start the build up from there.The body is disassembled into larger pieces, inspected, repaired, and painted all off the frame.  Up rated suspension parts, OEM brakes + suspension bits. Remanufactured 300tdi + Ashcroft R380 + Reconditioned LT230. In short, you are getting a new remanufactured drivetrain that should last for thousands of miles. 

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The "Forever" Defender

The "Forever" Land Rover Defender. The known faults with the Defender have been well known now for decades. The "better than new" builds uses the best available parts to remedy these pitfalls. These vehicles should last several generations without a necessity for body restoration if maintained correctly. We dissassemble these vehicle down all the way to the last poprivet. All the body panels (inc. bulkhead) are brand new, and we use our own custom made for us thicker aluminum interior plates. This is all finished off with the best sound deadner materials in the industry to give you one of the quitest Land Rover Defender's on the market. The forever Defender comes standard with a fully remanufactured 300tdi generation drivetrain. 

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Range Rover Classic

Range Rover Classic

Frame-off Restorations

We are exceptionally competative because we want your business. Call us for a consultation and an 'apple' to 'apple' price comparison with our nearest competitors here in the USA.