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We started DCRovers out of passion and enthusiasm for the Land Rover brand. With our first Land Rover imports in 2009, we are one of the early adopters of Land Rover Defender imports into the North American market. As we evolved over the years, our services expanded from imports to full restoration and everything in between. We are exceptionally happy that there is such an enthusiastic following in the community and that we can serve to give a 'second more permanent life' to a vehicle we deem as one of the most iconic ever made.  


Our DNA, is not the same as other's, as we are Belgian made, Dutch raised, and none B.S. time wasters. We have general pricing that applies to Joe, Jane, Sam and Sara! We build cars for ‘everybody’, therefore we treat everyone exactly the same with general pricing. We do understand that these vehicles are highly customizable and as such massive price fluctuations often occur between one build to another. On top of that not all restorations are the same, albeit they share the same DNA, as some like original restorations, and others like wild resto-mod builds. 


Our Defender 110's and 90's are sourced from around the globe. Unlike many other companies, we personally travel to see each of the cars that we end up having for sale here in the USA. In short, we simply do not have time to wrongfully buy a vehicle and import something which does not meet EPA, NHTSA, and CBP regulations. Each and every vehicle we will ever sell, will only be sold with an American title! We are not here to pass headaches (such as None-American paperwork) on to you, our customer. 

From the moment of sale, we often separate ways with the vehicles or restore them for the customers to something of their own choosing. Under the watchful eyes of our master Defender restoration specialists, these vehicles are reborn to live a second life. We prefer building purposeful cars, who can pull people out of a ditch, have stuff thrown in the back of them for all kinds of adventures, rather than the polished garage queens that many of our competition build. 


We invite you to drop in, sit down, sip coffee and tell us your story and your interest in the vehicles. Who knows maybe we will build one for you or simply enjoy the banter about our shared interest in Land Rover’s. If we do have the pleasure to build a vehicle for you, you are the creator we are the builder. That means that if you want a pink interior with a purple candy color exterior, it is all possible. 

In the event that you might want to find out more about our business and how our procedure functions, we are readily available at: 703-939-7674 or by messaging us at:

Long live the adventure! 


We have a $35 dollar a day storage fee for vehicles completed. This storage will go into effect 10 days after completion of the vehicle.

Any and all change order's are seen as such, items required will be communicated with links to those specific items usually from our trade partner Rovers North.

Any and all disputes without resolve are to be mediated within 60 days of issue.

Parts ordered in advance for projects are none-refundable. They are your property and upon cancellation or change order's we request you have these items collected from us no later than 6 weeks from cancellation. If items are not collected a daily storage fee of $25 will be incurred and billed bi-weekly.

(2020 Edit) Since March of 2020 we no longer allow customers to collect vehicle's directly from us due to the advent of Corona Virus and our unwillingness to spread this disease. As such, vehicle will have to be towed via 3rd party from our facility to your specified address. We can assist in finding a towing company that can provide this service if requested.  


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