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We Work on All Land RoverS of All Ages

We are mainly known as a Land Rover restoration shop, but will gladly entertain any and all Land Rover repair inquiries. As Land Rover enthusiasts we have extensive experience with all model's. This ranges from the Series IIA, to Range Rover Classics, and Discovery 2 all the way through the latests L322 Range Rover's. In short, next to owning several modern Land Rover's ourselves, we service and maintain a plethora of daily use vehicles for our customers. We are however not a "while you wait shop", this means that you can make an appointment and we will rotate your vehicle into service when we are able too.  As noted, we are mainly a 'restoration shop' in the sense that we frame off restore vehicles and that does mean that wait times for regular service can be lengthy. Nonetheless, pick up the phone give us a ring and we can easily discuss when and how with a current time frame in mind.  

A General Guide to Land Rover Defender Pricing 

This is a great place to get an idea to the general construction of a Land Rover Defender and what all is involved financially to build/repair a vehicle by us. 

Labor Services more commonly asked: 

  • Suspension Bushes $750

     This includes refurbishment of the arms 

  • Springs + shocks $650 (non-air) 

  • Engine Conversions 200tdi (RHD Defender engine only) $1400

  • Engine Conversion 200tdi (RHD Discovery into Defender) $1800

  • Engine Conversion 300tdi (RHD None EDC into early Defender) $2200

  • Chassis Swaps: $3750 + the cost of bolts and any additional items needing replacing if desired. 

Chassis Swap

Chassis Swaps are far from straightforward. Some cars come apart with angle grinders, some with torches, none ever do with just wrenches. This time consuming adventure is abslutely the best thing you could do to your Defender, as a beautiful car has good bones. 

  • Labor cost: 

  1. Unpainted (not recommended) $3750

  2. Painted (3 layers) + Undersealed (recommend) $4900

  • Parts cost

  1. Chassis usually runs between $4800 to $5500 to our front door. 

  2. Bolts usually run around $250-$300 for high quality "1st world" zinc coated. $350-$400 for A4 Stainless.  

Suspension + Engine 

Labor: (without issues) 

Suspension Bushes: $750 

Springs + Shocks: $650

Spring Retension plates: $150  

Timing Belt 200tdi: $400

Clutch: $800 

Cylinder Head Swap: $500

Exhaust Replacement: $250 (none modified vehicles) 

Water Pump Replacement: $175 

Transfer Case Install: $500

Fuel Tank Swap: $250

Full Wireharness (no extra switches, gauges, lights, any extra accessories): $3500-$4500 


We do not do just oil changes. No Land Rover requires just an oil change. We perform the services as advised by Land Rover. ​

  1. 4 cyl petrol & diesel models to 1990 3000 mile oil service & check $120.00

  2. 200 & 300 Tdi 3000 mile oil service & check $120.00

  3. 12000 mile / 12 month interim (A) service (2 hours) $160.00

  4. 24000 mile / 24 month Full (B) service $305.00

all our service prices are out the door prices no tax added or this or that... unless unforeseen things occur. 

None Land Rover Engine Swaps 

Realistic Expactions 

Being one of the premier places in the USA for our wide variety of Engine swap options, brings a realistic perspective to any and all potential customer. Because we do numerous and various brands of engine swaps, it brings a new perspective of what we can provide to you. Certainly you do not want to be limited to just doing option "A" only if you have no real need for option 'A'. More so, not every customer has the same needs or demands from their vehicle and in certain situation Engine 'A' is far better than engine 'B' and vice versa.   

In early 2019 we sold our last ever (none) remanufactured 300tdi. Quality of the used engine's we are able to source is simply becoming harder and harder to find. With our reputation in mind and your driving pleasure, we see it only fit to warn and help you with limiting the choice to only a remanufactured unit, so both you and us can have peace of mind.   

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