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Not all dashboard conversions are the same. 


We do not use 20+ year old parts to convert from RHD to LHD. We understand that you are trying to save money on the project, but this is not the area to do so, as the labor to use used parts and repairing of such parts outweighs the use of new parts. We only used the TDCI dashboard. If you want the earlier style we are not the company for you.  


Your bulkhead has to be in tip top shape. That means if we find rust/corrosion or if it has to be repaired, we simply are moving on to a new bulkhead installation. 


Not all interior finishes are the same. Some folks like the ABS plastic look. Other's prefer this dash to be wrapped in leather. This of course has a different cost.  


It is not just the DASH which needs changing! We have to move the pedal's over, heater box LHD (currently not available anywhere) version has to be sourced, LHD steering box, etc... etc.... This all adds up. 


So what is the real cost affiliated with a LHD conversion? 


RHD to LHD Conversion with Bulkhead

*Dashboard $2500

*LHD Heater box + A/C $2800  

*Bulkhead $4500 (new galvanized only made in the U.K.)

*Paint Bulkhead $1000

*Ancillaries $1000

*Labor with bulkhead $3500

Grand total = $13500 


RHD to LHD Conversion without Bulkhead

*Dashboard $2500

*LHD Heater box + A/C $2800  

*Ancillaries $2000 (steering box, lines, new UJ's ,etc..) 

*Labor without bulkhead $2000

Grand total = $13500 


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